FAQ - News Releases and Material Change Reports

1. When do I need to issue a news release?
  • The purpose of a news release is to ensure that all members of the investing public have equal access to information in order to make informed investment decisions.
  • Whenever there is information on an occurrence that is "material" to the way your company does business you must issue a news release.
  • News releases may also be issued for public relations purposes, to keep the public and investment community informed of your company's performance or activities e.g. current financial results, corporate updates.
2. What should be in the news release?
  • The title of the news release should be clear as to content.
  • Information should be concise and accurate - not promotional.
  • The name and number of a responsible contact must be included.
3. Do I need to use a newswire service?
  • All material news releases must be distributed through a recognized newswire services (such as Filing Services Canada Inc.).
  • WIKLOW CORPORATE can facilitate the distribution of your news release by reviewing the content for disclosure requirements, coordinating with the newswire service and SEDAR filing.
  • WIKLOW CORPORATE offers clients substantial discounts through our preferred newswire service. We can also distribute your news by fax or email to select lists of interested parties.
4. Who should I send it to - distribution?
  • Material news releases must be SEDAR filed to all securities commissions where you are a reporting issuer and with the stock exchanges where you are listed.
  • Distribution may be regional, Canada wide or worldwide - depending on where you are a reporting issuer and how widely you wish your news disseminated.
5. Do I always file a material change report?
  • Material information relating to the business of the company which results in, or could be expected to result in, a change in market price or value should be disclosed via a news release and a Material Change Report within 10 days of the occurrence. It is the responsibility of the company to determine if the event is in fact material to its business operations.
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