Services - Corporate Secretarial Services

Wiklow Corporate Services provides regulatory compliance and continuous disclosure services for public companies within Canada and the United States. Our corporate secretarial services include:
  • Assist with meetings of Board of Directors and Board committees by preparing the meeting agenda, taking minutes, recording decisions and drafting policy documents.
  • Assist with annual shareholders meeting in the preparation of proxy material and by acting as a liaison with transfer agent, and provide scrutineer services at shareholder meetings.
  • Provide governance advice to directors and management team regarding current, new and prospective regulatory issues and orientate new directors.
  • Liaise with auditors, lawyers, transfer agent, securities commissions and exchanges and prepare compliance diaries to ensure timely and accurate filings with regulatory bodies.
  • Review and update insider trading policies; train insiders and Board of Directors on insider trading and other compliance issues; and develop blackout policies and monitor insider trading reporting.
  • Prepare documentation with respect to public offerings and private placements.
  • Assist management in preparing Management's Discussion & Analysis and review financial statements for accuracy; provide guidance to management as to reporting requirements in MD&A.
  • Prepare applications to stock exchanges to seek approval to stock options, private placements, escrow transfers and releases, shares for debt settlements, reorganizations, acquisitions and disposition of properties, etc.
  • Maintain and update reports on stock option plans, share purchase warrants and interest payments on convertible debentures.
  • Prepare and/or review news releases and arrange dissemination; monitor website to ensure information is current and relevant.
  • Prepare US Registration Statements, Form 20-F's, 10-Q quarterly filings and 10-K annual filings, and other US filings, including Form 8-K, Form S-8, etc.

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